Leigh Pouncey, LMT, CNMT, ESMT is proud to be a member of a growing alternative healthcare field, assisting both the human and equine athlete to reach their full potential through non-invasive therapy. Leigh offers both therapeutic equine massage services and human massage services, bringing harmony to both the horse and the rider.

Leigh is a graduate of New Life Institute School of Massage and Equissage®. She is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and the International Association of Animal Massage Therapist. Leigh is trained/ certified in Neuro Muscular Therapy, Advanced Assisted Stretching, Deep Tissue, Swedish and Equine Sports Massage and has had a successful practice in the Atlanta area for eighteen years.

Prior to becoming a massage therapist she worked in Mississippi and Georgia as a Certified Surgical Technician, specializing in orthopedic and neuro surgery. Working in the operating room for six years helped her realize the need and importance of living a preventative lifestyle. With that understanding she was compelled to other areas of studies: Food Based Healing, Qi Gong and Aromatherapy.

In summation Leigh’s work has molded her into a well rounded healing facilitator with the desire to educate others. In your session you can expect an in depth consultation to determine your exact needs and the perfect massage will be created especially for you. *

*Massage therapy is not a substitute for medical or veterinary care
License number: MT000405 .


“I would like to thank Leigh Pouncey for coming out and looking at my horse. He is now running and playing around and acting like a happy horse. I didn’t know he was so sore. Leigh was able to find the trouble areas. In only a few sessions he seems to be different horse. I can”t believe the change. He is so much more balanced in mind and body. Thank you Leigh.”
–Signed Mrs. Bagel Meister

“I have been a client of Leigh’s for quite some time now, and with my rigid cycling schedule and racing, Leigh always found time to get me in for a much needed appointment, not only at her Douglasville office, but even at my house when I was bedridden from a serious car accident. Her knowledgeable approach releived my many aches and pains from being stuck in bed for weeks.”
— George M., Lithia Springs, Ga

“It had been years since I had had a massage. My last therapist lived in Atlanta. It was inconvenient to keep a regular schedule, so I stopped altogether. I thought it would be impossible anyway to find a skilled, deep-tissue therapist in Douglasville. Was I ever wrong! Meeting Leigh and experiencing her work was a real paradigm shift. Her technique is perfection. She has an intuition on another level about what is happening in the body. A true healer’s hands radiate energy. Leigh has healer’s hands. I can feel her hands before they ever touch my body. Anytime I mention a physical problem, she takes care of it and then recommends actions that I can do for myself at home. She also has a lot of knowledge concerning nutrition and essential oils. On top of receiving top-notch massage care, she is able to assist in these other areas as well. Her therapy room is a tranquil environment, and I begin to relax as soon as I step in there. Douglasville is fortunate to have Leigh Pouncey.”
— A. L. Love, Douglasville, Ga

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